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The mega Auction is coming!

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Happy Birthday CDAS

But will there be cake?

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Next Meeting

Our next monthly meeting is on 16 February 2016 at the Harmonie German Club Narrabundah.

Welcome to CDAS Inc

CDAS exists to promote the enjoyment of all aspects of the aquarium hobby in Australia's national capital and the surrounding region.

Tuesday 16th of Feb

Tuesday the 16th of Feb is our next meeting!!

The talk will be on Turtle Care and Axolotls care as well! It shall be an interesting talk!

As always shall be followed by our normal auction I do hear of some discus coming....

Make sure if your putting lots in the auction to have them handed in by 730pm! No late forms will be accepted!

Hope to see you guys there!

Update Time

The date for the next Mega auction has been announced so write it in your diary's, talk to the minster and master of finance for preapprove to come down to the Harmonie German Club on the:

23rd of April more information will be at our next meeting.



When is that you ask?

16th of February 7pm at the Harmonie German Club.

2015 Mega Auction

The justly famous CDAS MEGA AUCTION for 2015 will be held on 21 February at the Harmonie German Club, Narrabundah.

Volunteers are urgently required to help run the auction.  Please contact the Committee if you can help out for a couple of hours on the day.

New rules apply to sellers - all seller must be members and lots must be pre-registered.

2015 Calendar Alerts

We have a couple of BIG events scheduled for early 2015. Normal meetings will be suspended until March.


Snakes Alive! 12 - 18 January at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (Black Mountain).  Join as as a volunteer or visitor as we bring the mysteries of local native fish to the general public. See below.

Snakes Alive! - 12-18 January 2015

CDAS provided a display of seven aquariums of native and invasive fish for Snakes Alive! display at the Australian National Botanic Gardens from 12 to 18 January this year.

This was our first public outing with the ACT Herpetological Society and it attracted a lot of interest.  A very successful event all round.

Join the Discussion on the CDAS Forum

While this web site tries to keep you up to date with news from the club, the best place to ask questions, advertise aquarium stuff for sale and chat with other members is the CDAS Forum.

News from the CDAS Trade Table

There'll be a number of new products on the CDAS Trade Table at the May meeting (20 May 2014) - a new, protein- and beta-carotine-rich fry food supplement called "cyclopeeze" and some extra-special egg tumblers.  Egg tumblers are a great way to care for the eggs of mouth-brooding cichlids and other fish with large, non-sticky eggs - like bristlenose catfish.  The egg tumblers CDAS is selling (for $15) have been produced in Australia as a way to help raise money for The Destiny Rescue charity.

Do you have a CDAS library book?

Our normally mild mannered Librarian, Conan, is getting a bit restless. Please help to pacify him by returning any overdue CDAS library books.

You can always contact him to extend a loan or arrange return outside meetings.

The March 2014 Tank Talk is Here

Tank Talk is the regular CDAS jounal and newsletter. You will find the latest issue here, crammed with great information and original articles by members and friends.


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