• On the third Tuesday of every month we hold our regular club meeting, including a talk on a specific topic,a raffle, the trade table and an auction.

    Newcomers welcome! - New memberships can be registered at our monthly meeting or online. Membership cards must be collected in person at the monthly meetings.

    Monthly meetings are held at the Harmonie German Club, and follow the same basic format each month:

    • Doors open at 7.00pm for auction registration and setting up of the library and sales table.
    • At 7.30 the meeting starts with news about club business from the President or other Committee Members
    • A brief "Member's Questions" segment (if there is time)
    • A talk by a member or invited guest
    • A short break (for refreshments, buying raffle tickets, library business, sales table, membership renewals and catching up)
    • The monthly auction
    • Drawing of the raffle

    Meetings close between 9.30 and 10.00pm, depending on the size of the auction.

    We vary this format occasionally for special events - like the Annual General Meeting in October (no talk) or the annual Mega Auction.

    NOTE: All auction lots to be submitted by 7:30pm. Late submissions will not be accepted.

    20/08/2024 - 7:30pm to 10:00pm