Trade Table

The CDAS trade table provides access to hard to source or specialty products, and is open for business at every regular monthly meeting, as well as most major events we host. Members receive discounts on trade table items, but non members can also buy from the trade table.

If you have suggestions for what you'd like to see available at the trade table, please contact us.

Some of the items we currently carry on the trade table include:

Indian Almond Leaves
New Era Foods (Tropical, Catfish, Cichlid Drift lake Red, Cichlid Drif Lake green)
Sera Foods (Flora Flake)
Hikari Foods (Mini Algae Wafer, Algae Wafer, Discus BioGold, First Bite)
New Life Spectrum Foods
Fish Bags (Small, Medium, Large)
White Magic Sponge
Marine Pure Filter Media
Blackworms (Loose and Cubes)