1. Concessional Membership
  2. Any pensioner, on production of a concession card, shall be eligible to pay his or her subscription annually at a concessional rate.

  3. Subscriptions
  4. In accordance with Rule 8 of the Constitution, the following subscription rates shall apply per annum with effect from 2014-15:
    • Junior Member (17 Years and under) or Concession card hold $15.00
    • Adult Member (18 Years and over) $25.00
    • Family Membership (2 Members or more) $35.00
    • Commercial Membership $35.00

  5. Membership Application Forms
  6. A person applying for membership of the Society shall provide the following information to the Society:
    • Applicant’s name
    • Applicant’s residential and email address
    • Applicant’s telephone number
    • Category of membership for which the application is being made,
    • Applicant’s signature and the date upon which the application is signed.

    For Junior members, the applicant or guardian shall be a member of the Harmonie-German Club or other meeting venue if required.

  7. Table Show Rules
  8. The rules and procedures setting out minimum standards for the displaying and showing of live aquarium stock shall be those specified by the Society and as amended from time to time by the Committee.

  9. Breeders' Awards Programmes
  10. The rules and pointing procedures applying to Breeders' Awards Programmes shall be those set out in the Breeders Award Guidelines, as may be amended from time to time by the Committee and posted on the Society web-site.

  11. Society Sales
  12. Wares offered for sale by the Society shall be sold only to financial Members of the Society for their own principal use.

  13. Society Auctions
  14. Only financial Members of the Society shall be permitted to submit items for the Society auction. Any person, whether a Member or not, may bid at such auctions.

  15. Maximum Auction Lots
  16. Except with the permission of the Vice-President, the following limits will apply to Society Auctions:
    • For general auctions the maximum number of lots will be 5 for adult members and 8 for commercial or family memberships.
    • For Mega Auctions, the maximum number of lots will be 15 for adult members and 20 for commercial or family memberships.

  17. Election Nomination Forms
  18. Nominations for vacant positions on the Committee shall be recorded to contain the following information:
    • Name of the Member nominated
    • Position for which that Member was nominated
    • Name of the Member making the nomination
    • Name of the Member seconding the nomination, and
    • Signature of the Member nominated and the date upon which that Member provides his or her signature.

  19. Permitted Fish Species
  20. No Member shall offer for sale at Society auctions or advertise at Society Meetings or in any publication of the Society any species of fish or plant prohibited by relevant legislation or any hybrid, dye-injected or genetically modified fish.

  21. General committee roles
  22. In addition to the Executive Committee roles specified in the Constitution (ie President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary), the General Committee will comprise six other roles, namely Deputy Treasurer, Deputy Secretary, Membership Officer, Web master, PR/Education Officer and Librarian.

    The duties of these roles are described below. One or more people may fill these roles to ensure smooth coverage of tasks.

    Volunteers will be sought to fill other ad-hoc roles to help out with major activities as required eg selling raffle tickets, helping out at meetings, responding to queries posted on the web-site or Facebook page, scrutineering (with appropriate training), helping out with Web management and breeders award matters.

    • Deputy Treasurer
    • The Deputy Treasurer shall support the Treasurer to fulfill all duties of Treasurer as set out in the Constitution or as formally requested by the Executive Committee Act as Treasurer in the absence of that officer.

    • Deputy Secretary
    • The Deputy Secretary shall support the Secretary to fulfill all duties of Secretary as set out in the Constitution or as formally requested by the Executive Committee Act as Secretary in the absence of that officer.

    • Membership Officer
    • The Membership Officer shall process and maintain accurate records of all applications for new and renewed memberships and issue membership cards in a timely and professional manner Compile and report on membership activities to the Executive Committee at least on an annual basis or as requested by the Committee Ensure members receive accurate, consistent, responsive and timely information and assistance with Society benefits and services.

    • IT Officer
    • The Web master shall maintain the Society’s website and social media sites and ensure that the sites are functioning properly and are available to users. This includes
      • Providing a web publishing service for CDAS and its members showcasing aquarium –related information relevant to members and the aims of the Society
      • Ensuring the web software is updated as required to maintain security and functionality
      • Generating and revising announcements or changes to the site as required by the Executive Committee
      • Examining and reporting on site traffic
      • Regulating and managing access rights of different users on the website
      • Maintaining a CDAS Web Site Administration guide that documents how the site is configured and maintained.

    • PR/Education Officer
    • The Public Relations/Education Officer shall:
      • Develop and implement communication strategies for the Society and advise the Executive Committee on communication issues
      • Maintain, manage, moderate and further develop the Society’s ethical social media presence
      • Promote the activities of the Society within the broader ACT region
      • Respond to enquiries from members, the public, media and other organisations
      • Promote good information flow and learning opportunities within the Society
      • Help organise special events such as open days, visits, exhibitions and functions
      • Procure and manage Sponsorship relationships

    • Librarian
    • The Librarian shall:
      • Encourage the use of the Society library by Members of the Society
      • Ensure that the library is available for the use of Society Members at regular General meetings of the Society
      • Maintain records of borrowing by Members and ensure that books are returned promptly
      • Recommend to the Committee publications for purchase by the Society for the library, and
      • Maintain a catalogue of items held by the library.

  23. Judging and Awards
    • Judging at shows shall be in accordance with the By-Laws of the Society.
    • The Vice-President shall appoint Judges.
    • The Committee shall determine the prizes or awards to be made in respect of such shows.
    • Awards made under the Breeders' Awards Program shall be in accordance with the By-Laws of the Society.

  24. Society Sales
  25. The Committee shall determine the prices at which any wares purchased by the Society for resale shall be sold. The eligibility of persons to purchase such wares shall be in accordance with the By-Laws of the Society.

  26. Intoxicating Liquor
  27. No person shall bring to or consume intoxicating liquor at Meetings of the Society without the permission of the Committee.

  28. Inappropriate behaviour
  29. Any person attending the meetings is expected to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner. Any person deemed by the Committee to be acting inappropriately may be asked to leave the meeting.

    Any person found to be acting in contravention of the Society’s aims or Constitution may be asked to leave the meeting and, if the actions are serious, have their membership terminated in accordance with Clause 10 of the Constitution.