About Us

CDAS Inc. is a not-for-profit community group of aquatic enthusiasts run by volunteers.We conduct regular meetings on the third Tuesday of every month where we hold raffles, provide access to some specialty items via the trade table, and share knowledge and experiences via aquarium related talks.

All ages and levels of experience are catered for. Beginners and advanced aquarists will find plenty to enjoy by getting involved with CDAS. You will find people in CDAS with lots of knowledge in all areas of the aquarium hobby - from goldfish to coral and planted tanks to breeding rare fish.

The club was founded in the 1960s, as the "Canberra Aquarium Society", and we continue now to strive to achieve our primary aims:

  • To further the study of all forms of aquatic life
  • To promote interest in and disseminate information pertaining to the aquarium hobby in all its aspects
  • To hold regular Meetings at which Members may exchange ideas and experience and engage in other activities related to the hobby
  • To encourage the maintenance, breeding and display of aquatic life
  • To provide and maintain a library for the use of Members
  • To provide a venue at which Members and the Society may offer articles for sale or auction
  • In furtherance of the aims of the Society, to affiliate with and/or correspond with kindred organisations
  • To support the conservation of native and endangered aquatic species
  • To publish a regular journal