The CDAS Committee is elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting, held in October each year. The Committee generally meets monthly (between ordinary Society monthly meetings) to administer CDAS, decide on issues and to plan the forward program.

Executive Roles

The President: chairs all Committee and General Meetings; represents CDAS as required, or nominates another Committee Member as contact; and signs all documents which require their signature as official head of the Society. The President is also the Society's "Public Officer" for official Government purposes.
Role Currently Filled By: Alex Borg

The Vice President: helps the President in his/her role and acts as President in his/her absence; and carries out the administration of the Auction and Table Shows.
Role Currently Filled By: Michael (MJ) Jones

The Secretary: keeps full and correct minutes of all Committee and General Meetings of the Society; and maintains the members list and notifies members of meetings and subscription renewals.
Role Currently Filled By: Katherine Imeson

The Treasurer: manages CDAS revenue and expenditures; makes payments as authorised by the Committee, keeps correct accounts and books showing the finan-cial affairs of the Society; and provides a financial report at each CDAS meeting and prepares the annual financial report.
Role Currently Filled By: Ian Anderson

Non-Executive Roles

The Breeder Awards Chairperson: encourages the breeding of fish by CDAS Members and maintains breeding records; and administers the Breeders Awards Programmes and presides over any fish-breeding sub-committee that is established.
Role Currently Filled By: Tristan Briggs

The Librarian: maintains the CDAS library; and recommends to the Committee publications for purchase by the Society for the library; and recommends to the Committee publications for purchase by the Society for the library.
Role Currently Filled By: Brian Edwards

The IT Officer: maintains the CDAS website; and encourages CDAS Members to contribute material and/or suggestions for the website.
Role Currently Filled By: Tristan Briggs

The Editor: is responsible for the publication and distribution of the quarterly Tank Talk; encourages Members of the Society to contribute material to the Society journal; and with the approval of the Committee correspond with related organisation about exchanging journals.
Role Currently Filled By: Rhys Paine

Membership Officer: is responsible for recordining meeting attendance, processing new membership applications and updating existing memberships as required.
Role Currently Filled By: Pete Schwartzy

Trade Table Manager: is responsible for maintaining the cdas trade table and processing associated sales at regular meeting or events.
Role Currently Filled By: Fred Rivard

Assisstant Treasurer: is responsible for shadowing the treasurer and taking over in the treasurers absence.
Role Currently Filled By: Paul Nielsen

The Public Relations Officer: is responsible for promoting CDAS in the Canberra region, and ensures that all GMs and other CDAS activities are publicised widely.
Role Currently Filled By: Unknown

The Junior Representative: ensures that CDAS considers the opinions and rights of junior Members of the Society, and assists in the activities of the Society.
Role Currently Filled By: Gianni Ciuffetelli

Other members may also be elected to the Committee and be allocated roles as required, including providing ad hoc support at meetings or events.