Junior Members Area

Aquariums in the classroom and home provide lots of learning opportunities for all ages. Involving young people in the care and maintenance of an aquarium, and in the close observation of its inhabitants, is a great way to involve them in the responsible care of animals and to introduce topics across a vast curriculum, from biology and environmental studies to maths, ethics and art.

Our Junior Section has been designed to cover a range of activities and topics for our Junior members in support of this philosophy.

Kindergarten & Below

Some colouring and quiz worksheets to download - Downloadable colouring sheets with two aquarium fish on each sheet and three questions for each fish.

Sheet #1

- Clown Loach and Dwarf Gourami

Sheet #2

- Angel Fish and Clown Fish

Sheet #3

- Seahorse and Rainbowfish

A Colouring and Counting Book for Young Fishkeepers

A ten page fish counting booklet to print out - Younger children are encouraged to count and colour ten different freshwater tropical fish.

Get Mobile-ised!

A single A4 sheet that can be printed on paper or card. Colour the fish, fold and paste and then cut out the shapes to make a simple mobile by hanging them from a coat-hanger or rods. Requires supervision/assistance.

Primary School Ages

Learn about aquariums and fishkeeping while having some fun with these mini projects.

Where do you think they come from?  

Use the internet to learn about where your aquarium fish come from.

Why do fish "jump"?

Why does an animal that lives in water sometimes jump into the air?

Breeding and raising tropical fish at home or in the classroom

Would you like your fish to breed and have babies?  Here is a quick guide.

Celebrity Fish

Some interviews with fish. (True!)  Find out what fish like.

Not Just Fish

Fish are not the only animals you can keep in a home or classroom aquarium

Fish Bits

Do you know what the different parts of a fish are called?

High School Ages

Are you ready to tackle something more challenging?  Try these:

The School Biotope AquariumAquarium Manual and Maintenance Guide

A guide for aquarium educators, students and keepers to setting up an Australian biotope aquarium. A resource about biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. Prepared by Dave Wilson of Aquagreen Pty Ltd

The Invisible Chemistry of Nitrogen

How does fish waste get processed in an aquarium?

The "Where Do They Come From" Challenge

Extend your research skills by identifying the origin of some recently discovered freshwater fish.

The Puzzles of Fish Evolution

What is a "fish" and where did they come from?

Betta Homes and Gardens (for Siamese Fighters)

How should Siamese Fighters be cared for?  How do you think about "animal wefare" and how can people decide what is right for animals.

Reading Fish

How you can tell a lot about a fish by what it looks like.
You can also download this article for more information about the parts of a fish.

Who's Eating Who?

What's going on in a wetland or river when there's nobody to feed the fish?  A complex food web, that's what.