Auctions provide a great opportunity to buy and sell aquarium items.

Monthly Auctions

We have an auction at each monthly meeting. Please note that, while visitors can buy auction items, only members can submit items and must do so before meetings begin.

For all who sell items at the monthly auctions we have a new auction form for people to fill in before they get to the club meetings. Filling out the form before you get to the meeting will save you (and the Committee) a lot of time and help us start the meeting on time.

Please also read the Auction Rules. If lots and registration do not comply with the Rules, they may be excluded from the auction. Please do not bring unhealthy fish or hybrids to a CDAS auction.

Auction Tip: Before each CDAS meeting, there is usually a discussion on facebook about what members are intending to bring and what they seeking. If you are a seller, listing your lots beforehand is a good way to generate interest (and gives prospective buyers a chance to prepare tanks - and their wallets). If you are looking for something in particular, mentioning it in the forum discussion may just prompt someone to bring along exactly what you are looking for.

The Auction form can be downloaded here.

The Auction Rules can be downloaded here.

Mega Auction

Once a year, CDAS Inc. holds a Mega Auction where special rules apply. At Mega Auctions, there are many special lots - including livestock and new equipment - sourced from our sponsors and other sources as well as a relaxation of the rules about the number of lots members can submit. Non-members will be required to pay a "bidders fee" to participate in Special Auctions. Check Facebook and the calendar for dates and details.

The Mega Auction Rules can be downloaded here.